At Downgate LLC, our mission is to win elections for progressive candidates
through effective communications, strategy, and design.

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Who We Are

About Us

Downgate is a collective of experienced and tested progressive creatives, strategic thinkers, and communications specialists who work together and individually to build a campaign that wins your election.

Downgate was founded from a belief that too often, the right has the better talking points, strategies, and marketing. Qualified, intelligent candidates were losing elections because their opponents had better packaging.

This doesn’t need to be the case. Progressives win elections when they are proactive.

Through harmonious, coordinated communications between campaigns and their target constituents, Downgate delivers your message.

Using leading edge, personally-crafted social media campaigns, email design, and websites, we can speak your values to an audience as if the words were coming from your mouth — because they are.

Our strategists think outside the box and are ready to innovate in real time. We think of worst case scenarios well in advance and prepare you to respond so you don’t miss a beat and can spend your time talking to voters instead of addressing absurdity.

When they go low, we go hard.

Winning Elections is rocket science.
Don't leave it to chance.

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Against The Odds

Last cycle, I had a potential client who was considering a run for local office. Someone had told him that he would need to meet with local party muckety mucks, …